Emtpyminded is as it seems it is, an empty-minded character, a character without intentions or motives, a character without quarrel or affection,  a character without joy or anguish.  A robot spawned from depths of the End to the over-world of DelNiQi, designed with one single purpose, logically building.  Those who have seen the works of the such voidness cranial being work, have always lived to see the glory of the next day and tell the tale.  And the tale were fill with awe, and eccentric designs and yet pleasing to the viewing windows of others.  The wired circuitry of such voided mind, is nothing but logic.  

The genesis of Emptyminded, began with the integral of void, Shadow.  Shadownyfe had its first breath of purpose, and there emptiness was defined.  The many constructions began on the world of Shadownyfe around the year 2010,  Emptymidned was first attracted to survive and build on the mountains, for that without survival, the purpose of structure cannot be achieved.  There it discovered the realm of shadow required methods of transportation.  During the research of the rail way, accidental lava was poured onto a tree, and flame soon engulfed the land of Shadow.  It was then the that world restarted.  Empty, short for Emptyminded, decided to again partake the responsibility of transportation, for that many others now joined the quest, even griefers.  Armisael, Tsunamisui, Henryhty, ihugpolarbears.  However, the world was still unstable, that is where Armisael decided to lend an arm.  The stable 24/7 private world was founded on the world of Arms.  Until that very point, the purpose of Empty was to serve the better of Minecraftians, construction with purpose, gratifying needs.  It was then that Shadow begin to erect massive abstract tower, and inspired Empty to feel rather than use logic when building.  

 The life of Del Ni Qi for Empty truely began in the summer of 2011.  Where JaypoIV invited with open arms to all of the citizens of the world of Amrs, 

So many errors - SOBERDADDY


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