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Mateotb is a moderator on the Delniqi Server.

Mateo's famous diamond drop party

Legend and Lore:

Mateotb also known as Mateo, also known as Khrii's sex slave No.1 Helper, not to be known as Mat, is a Moderator on Delniqi. Mateo joined the server much like a normal player from some neighbouring country of Notch's homeland, which to some is named Norway.

Mateo started as a normal player, building buying and selling items. However he soon started helping with small errands that players needed done which Vi couldn't compute and/or bother to complete. This continued on for quite some time, within that time Mateo built a town along with Oest and GI, both of which would later become Sheriffs. He also built and helped other players and was given new powers and ranks soon after.

Mateo became one of the first ever Sheriffs (Demi Mod, Half Mod) of Delniqi. A rank created by JT and Vi that was said to create better security for the world of Delniqi, although lore states, from whispers and mutters from Vi and JT that Sheriffs were created to stop Derpy questions from being asked to Mods and Admins. Note: This has still failed.

Mateo saw to it to increase his influence on the server, doing so by increasing his mojo and swag to a level that can cause momentary or permant blindness varying from the amount of time staring at Mateo with his Mojo and swag on. WARNING: No normal player can block the effects of Mateo's mojo and swag.

After much had work and swagness, Mateo soon was ready to take on the powers of a Mod and by the power of JT himself as god, gave Mateo his powers... Enough powers to be a Mod.

Mateo now usually now acts like a normal Mod, with his mojo & swag still as blinding has ever. Even though he tells many that he comes from a far away land, right near the land where Notch himself resides, a land called Norway and that his English is not very good, He has enough to be a redounding mod and still plenty more to some what Derpy. Note: Spyres has been and always will be the derpiest Mod on the server

Mateo's pastimes are building his super secret city that no one should ever know,hear or read about. Helping his really good girlfriend Khrii build her city. Increasing his Mojo and Swag to a new level of Mojo or Swag and helping out all the new players and kids on the server - That's Mateo's favorite.

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