Oestlie94, also known as Oreo and Oest, is a sheriff on the Delniqi server. Oreo was first time seen one the Delniqi server june 2011, and has since then had two "breaks" from the server.

As all players Oreo started on the server as a normal player. And tried early to get a plot to build a house in the city City Of Nexia, owned by Hock55. After several unsuccsessful attempts to get contact with Hock and get a plot, Oreo decided that he wanted his own city, and got together with Mateo and GI and built Pandora. Pandora quickly became the largest and most active city on the delniqi server, containing a warp house, bank, town hall, the Delniqi server Graveyard, made by Revenderfrag, a city jail made by Vi, a shop, a city tree farm and lots of player houses. But later people slowly started leaving the city, until the noone was left, and the city was declared "dead". Later Oreo did several projects with mateotb, making them both builder. Oreo has since then mostly worked on his own. He has started several builds he never finished and spent too much time exploring and doing nothing at at all…

Oreo's Clan history:Edit

When Clans first came to the Delniqi server, there was only to clans pHD, started and led by Vi, and PPe. JT early asked if there was any builders at the server, who wanted to help build the PPe clan base, and as all other didn't answer, Oreo took the job and built the PPe Castle located somewhere in the the Warzone. During this Job he also got promoted to leader for the PPe clan, and more people started joining both PPe and pHD. Oreo later left PPe to join the more powerful clan pHD, which he has fought for since!

Legend And Lore:Edit

  • Oestlie94 ended up being called Oreo, after Khrii once failed to say his name, and called him Oreo instead of Oesltie
  • ...
  • ...

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