Ronde is a small facility located approximately 1.5 kilometers north-east of Metropolis, currently comprised of only two floors, with access to general Minecraftia necessities. Bearing a familiar circular style analogous with many of violetriot's other builds, it is the most recent location of residence of the player.

A lack of centralized storage space over the past two years (two whole years, wtf) prompted the construction of this simple, easy-to-access base.


2013-12-30 17.28.02

The main surface structure is made of black stained glass and stone slabs in the shape of a stubby and wide cylinder, with another smaller cylinder stacked on top of it. A small protruding hallway facing the south acts as an entrance. 

The interior is primarily composed of a combination of birch wooden planks, glass and stone slabs. Floors are and will be designed around a central, hollow column that reaches all the way down to bedrock.