• Combat Stream (Tier 4)
  • has experienced a fair amount of mob and player-based combat

    Application Requirements:

  • has Fighter
  • has collected and is in possession of 128 ender pearls, 64 blaze rods, 128 string, 128 gunpowder,16 ghast tears, 32 magma cream, 128 bones, 128 slime balls, 128 spider eyes, 64 gold nuggets, 4 wither skulls, 128 rotten flesh and 1 nether star *
  • has acquired over 50 legitimate rival kills (not neutral or civilian; kill-trading/farming is strictly prohibited and may result in a ban from acquiring Combat titles)

 * Cannot be bought, given by, or traded from markets, shops and/or other players. Will also be taken as additional payment to server bank.


Fighter     ->     Trapper     -     Headhunter     -     Warrior     ->     Champion     ->     Grandmaster

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